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Spiritual Protection

i AM LIGHTProtection, has been a regular theme that comes up in my sessions with intuitive people, psychics, empaths and mediums and was a question I asked over and over again as I came into my intuitive abilities when I was a young student of healing and channeling..


It is a subject I discuss a lot in my interviews with Psychics and mediums, as I feel this is important to know and something I lived.

I was in my late twenties and early thirties when I was asking many questions about who I am as a healer and lightworker on this planet. I was summoning more remembering of my true nature with my inquiries, and my energy body was expanding as my intuitive abilities came back online in a Big Big way. This was a confusing time for me as I journeyed through the denser energies of the third dimensional reality with an open heart and expanded energy field. I could feel so much and sometimes it really hurt!

ProtectionWhen I was in my early thirties, I went to a book signing, Q & A with Doreen Virtue at a new age book shop in the city.  She saw me in the crowd and  tuned into me without me asking a question, she said to me, “it is important for you to ask Archangel Michael’s help for protection.”

She saw the inquiry I had at the time, as I was running all over the shop asking teachers, gurus and other empaths, how do I protect myself?

But the answer is not what it seems, as I did all the white lighting, gold bubbles, violet flame transmuting, archangel asking and electric blue lighting  protection I could muster. I followed the advice of the teachers, but still I felt the pain, both physically and emotionally.

The pain I felt was my own pain. It was the vibrational stance of my negative self talk and belief system.

I was very insecure and always judging myself for not being worthy enough, or good enough. I was young, beautiful, talented and a gifted healer/channel, and yet I didn’t feel good enough.  And as I asked life and expanded my empathic abilities my negative or limiting thoughts felt stronger and stronger.  NOW not only could I feel my own vibrational stance of the beliefs I held about myself and the world more fully, I could feel everyone else’s negative ideas about themselves, life and others too.

Our beliefs far outweigh any visualisation exercise or healing someone can bestow on us, as we have Free Will, and can choose to feel bad and believe our negative self talk, at any stage of our spiritual journey.

It was not surprising I didn’t want to go out of my house. The weekly supermarket shop was a nightmare for me and often I had to drop everything and run home to the safety of my little abode. You see my empathic abilities were becoming so heightened, I could feel every thought around me, including the ideas of the people who created the boxes the breakfast cereal came in. The arguments about which color to use. OMG it all became so overwhelming for me. I couldn’t go out to nightclubs or bars or pubs. Even as a young teen I didn’t want to go into big crowds or rock concerts. I didn’t know why at the time and felt I was a failure. But like all of us, especially the children coming in now, I was already very empathic and intuitive.

I think at some point in my teen years I shut down these abilities, which saw me become a party girl in my early twenties. I was out and about all the time at parties, nightclubs and the disco. I loved it because I loved people and would stay out by myself into the wee hours of the morning talking to strangers at the bar and connecting people to each other. I remember one night I left the nightclub, the sun was up and I felt so good about myself, as I had connected everyone in the place, and many strangers who would have never talked to each other were now new friends.

But my questions about who I am and why I am here persisted and as the party scene became less intriguing to me, my questions and summoning the light became stronger, and because of my asking, my intuitive abilities came back online.

Now this is the most important thing I learnt and boy did I learn the hard way.

WE CAN NOT feel the negative emotions or beliefs of others if we are not a vibrational match to them.

This means as empaths and intuitives, we MUST clean up our own negative beliefs system. We have to DO THE WORK and LOVE ourselves more and transform our limiting beliefs. This is just so important for you as an intuitive empath.

Visualizing yourself surrounded by white light or electric blue, gold, indigo light, the violet flame or with AA Michael standing beside you, is NOT a bad way of going about protection, but if you do this from a place of FEAR, or thinking you NEED this protection because you are in some kind of danger, or you are vulnerable in some way, these beliefs about your vulnerability will be your downfall. This will be the reality you attract into your life,  as you hold a belief that you need protection. 

BUT if you visualise light around you from a place of knowing who you are as a being of LIGHT and LOVE,  you will glide through life with Ease and JOY.

Even the word protection, holds an energy that says, “I am in danger.” It is better to think about your pain or bad feelings as an indication you are resisting the light of who you are in some way, and then release the resistance. Learn the art of turning around your limiting beliefs, or any thought that feels vulnerable. Challenge it (is this true?) and then make a statement which raises your vibration and has you feeling more connected to your source and your power…

Lightofbeing“I AM the Light and my friends are the archangels. They guide me, love me and speak through me and I love them. I Love who I am as the LIGHT.  My Love transmutes lower vibrational energies to a higher vibration. As I look upon our troubles with loving gaze, my focus transforms all. I am a transformer of energy. I AM LOVE and I LOVE this world and the denser planes, because I get to play this game of seeing my limitations and remembering my unlimitedness.”

You see NOW you are rocking the house. Now you are a force of light and love and you can travel anywhere in this world as a powerful intuitive empath, unencumbered by the denser energies we experience here.

There is SUCH a difference between needing the light and knowing YOU ARE the LIGHT.

I remember when I came to know this about myself and I had practised staying positive and loving myself more, I went out to a crowded bar with friends at the height of my empathic abilities, and I felt great, just great in the company of insecure people.

You see as an empath you can perceive, or know how people feel and see their ways of being, but you do NOT have to suffer for it.. This is when your gifts as a Spiritual Teacher will be the most POWERFUL, and you will be the light unto this world!



My Love is my Power to transform and transcend the pain.

KAren is a Spiritual Teacher of Deliberate Creation, supporting the Difference Makers, Changemakers, Teachers and Disrupters of our world. For a reading and guidance from KAren and Blissful Beings, please visit our sessions page. Or read more about KAren here.

Spiritual Protection

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