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Self Adoration, the Path to Enlightenment

Self Adoration, the Path to Enlightenment

It seems that last weeks Reminders from Home message really hit a chord with many of you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who wrote in to say how much you appreciated the message and article that went with it. It really is so wonderful to hear from you, and how the messages are affecting your life. It is such a thrill for me and the reason I do it.

It was a fascinating week last week, some of my clients had some very interesting points to discuss, something I would like to share with you because I feel it is important we understand exactly how the Law of Attraction is working in our lives…

One of them was experiencing some dramas with work and money and she said to me. “I have watched the Secret over and over again hoping I will get what I need to change things around, and as things have become progressively worse, I am watching it nearly everyday, but still I feel like I’m lost and I need some help.” It wasn’t until a situation became so volatile that she gave herself permission the spend the money and seek more clarity with a private session from me. A decision that changed her life for the better and allowed the well-being and money she was struggling to find to flow more into her life.

I put the Secret DVD on to watch it again as I wanted to see what is missing, and I have to say all the information one needs to change things around is on the DVD, so why is it that people who watch it, especially people who are avid watchers, are not getting what they want?

The answer to this is because of the programmed limiting thoughts you have about yourself, become even more prevalent when you choose more empowering things to live into. When you have a dream and then decide to go after it the universe, or your inner being will show you very clearly what it is you believe about yourself that will not allow your dream to be fulfilled. When your limitations becomes even more prevalent the universe is saying to you;

“Your dominant vibration and your belief about yourself are not a vibrational match to your desire manifesting.”

“This thought is resisting what you say you want, so please change it to a better feeling belief so you can let wellbeing flow into your life and allow your dream to come true. You can not manifest your dream when you hold this limiting thought about yourself. It is contrary to what source energy thinks about you, so it is resisting the flow of energy that is manifesting what you desire into your physical environment.”

But, what most people do when their limitedness shows up in powerful ways is, to give into the negative feeling not getting what you want brings, instead of changing how you feel!

As you put you focus on the bad things that are happening and then justify them by repeatedly thinking the limiting beliefs that are showing up even more prevalent in your mind, instead of changing them and focusing on what you do want, the universe will bring you a match to your limited thoughts.

You can not hold resentment toward someone in your life and not attract more resentment, or be angry or frustration about something and not attract more of it. So if there is someone you do not like it will greatly serve you to change the way you feel about them the moment you find yourself feeling bad or justifying your negative emotions with more negative thoughts. This is loving and adoring yourself more because, as a powerful deliberate creator, you know your thoughts have power so you want to indulge in the ones that feel good and resenting or hating anything or anyone never feels good. This is called moving up the emotions ladder and it is a journey we all indulge in everyday.

One of my clients discovered she was still holding a lot of resentment and anger towards her ex-partner even though she had forgiven him many times, and this was showing up in her life as angry employees and flatmates. My brother once asked me; ” How many time do I have to forgive my father,” and I said to him; “EVERY TIME!”

FEELING GOOD ABOUT SOMEONE and THE ACTIONS THEY DO IS NOT ABOUT APPROVING OR HELPING THEM. IT IS ALL ABOUT APPROVING AND HELPING YOURSELF. Because the universe is matching the vibrations you are offering so you want to make sure you offer good feeling ones, even in the face of adversity.

My friend who is in hospital this week having breast surgery for cancer is one on the most up positive happy people one could meet. She is such a joy to be round always laughing and having exciting life adventures. So WHY has she got cancer? Doesn’t Law of Attraction say when we are happy we allow well-being to flow and so our body should be well?

Yes this is true, but let me tell you what is really going on with this person from the many conversations I have been involved with. Her attitude towards herself is one of constant self-criticism and self-doubt. She spoke recently about a problem she had with a work college who did not treat her well. This person ignored her, for the most part. Which drove my friend insane with thoughts of “What have I done to piss her off?” What have I done wrong? Why is she treating me this way, I have done nothing to her I am a nice person, everyone likes me, why doesn’t she like me?

The situation became so bad for her she choose to leave the job rather than to continue to enjoy her work, and the others she liked working with, and keep a good job. What this story revealed about my happy friend was her extreme self-doubt. Thinking that she was responsible in some way for the thoughts and moods of others. Her happiness, for the most part, is a cover that hides her self-doubt. I asked her why she let one person destroy her peace of mind and a good job when there are so many others willing to love praise and enjoy being with her?

She said to me that she found out that this person did not like her, and I said ” Big deal! So she is unhappy with her lot and thinks if she criticises others she will be get what she wants???? Her critical or hateful mind is not your problem. Who cares if she hates people, that is her choosing. Your choices should come from a selfish want to feel good by not allowing her attitude to affect your brilliant, fun, exciting life. You could have said to yourself.” “Well I have a great life with lots of friends who adore me and I have a great partner who loves me, I am a fun person who is loved by many, so I am not going to let one sad person with a sad life affect the way I feel about myself, or destroy my working environment.

When I told her this she looked at me like she had never even contemplated thinking in this way before. She looked shocked that someone had said those words out loud because she spends most of her time thinking that the moods, attitudes and the well-being of the people around her is her responsibility (Which it is NOT!) So she has to bend over backwards trying to please them and worry about what she is doing wrong when they are not.

We are not responsible for the thoughts of others. We are only responsible for the thoughts we HAVE control over, and they are the ones in our own mind. External Happiness with an inner feeling of doubt, anger or fear greatly reduces the well-being that is flowing thru your body. It is like running on empty with a smiley sicker on the gas tank….The best way to affect the circumstances in your life is to really feel confident, assured, not to give a hoot about what others are doing with their thoughts, but to feel so loving towards yourself that the thoughts and actions of others do not disturb the peace of mind you have cultivated by practicing deliberate creation thoughts which vibrationally align with your inner being…

Another client said to me that successful people are usually arrogant, and if we want to be spiritual or enlightened we have to be more humble. There seems to be a very prevalent thought form amongst spiritual communities that says; ” I have to suffer in some way to serve my divinity.” or ” I have many lessons to learn and I can only learn them when I am suffering in some way.” When really what source asked of us is to indulge in our joy in order to connect to our divinity, and the only lesson we need to master is to become really efficient at moving up the emotional ladder as quickly as possible when we slide down it.What is so very interesting to me is, many of my deeply spiritual friends are sick and poor, especially poor. Do people think that self-criticism is holy, and when we feel small or less than others and conduct our lives like a servant, we will get what we want because this will put us in favour with our source?

Every time you adore yourself and tell yourself how GOOD you are you are, how brilliant you are and how loved you are, you will be in agreement with how the Universe feels about you, there is nothing in the world that you could do to change this opinion. Be arrogant about loving yourself. You are adored no matter what you think, say or do. Your source is a vibration of unconditional love and when you give this to yourself you are completely in alignment with it. One could say when you are loving yourself you are enlightened.

I asked my girlfriend at lunch the other day; “How often do you look in the mirror and tell yourself you are adorable?” She looked at me like I was mad, screwed up her face and said “never of course!

If you are going to be happy, MEAN IT! Remind yourself everyday how adorable you are and how much love is available to you by looking around at the well-being of the universe. It is here for all of us, our job is to remember to feel it!

Have a great week… KAren Swain

Stuart Robertson


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