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Saowanee and Edie Weinstein

I need a job

Hello Karen, I actually have only one LOA magic moment (I’m a newbie and need some more practice.)

A few months ago, when i just came back from aboard, I needed to get a job so i kept saying to myself, “I have a job and money is flowing into my life now.” It didn’t take too much time after that I got a job, then a week after I got another one. Both of them are the freelance jobs, so I can do them at the same time. That’s my magic. I look forward to many more… Sincerely  Saowanee


With Knowing and Love the seeds of our dreams grow

From Edie Weinstein:

I am constantly in awe of the ways in which our dreams and desires come to fruition and the meandering path that we often take to arrive.  In 1988, I became the co-publisher of a Philadelphia, PA regional publication called Visions Magazine.   My own vision at the time was to interview His Holiness The Dalai Lama.  Initially, I put the thought aside, doubting that it would ever materialize. And then I asked myself “Why not?” and began nurturing that idea in my heart.

I set conscious intention for the audience with His Holiness to take place. I created vision boards with his photo in them. I placed my own picture next to his on one of them. I put a postcard with his image on my dashboard. I began to speak about the interview as if it was a done deal. I wrote questions as if I was going to be interviewing him the next day and then (big sigh), I released it to the Universe.  As life would have it, I have a friend named Greg Shultz who has been involved with the Tibetan Rights movement for many years. He shared my dream with me and at one point, we had spoken about traveling to Dharamsala together. Fast forward to 2005 and I found myself in the stadium of my Alma Mater, Rutgers University; one of 36,000 people listening with rapt attention to this delightful, dynamic man.  Since he was not granting interviews that day, I contented myself with walking around the stadium, tape recorder in hand and asked questions of those in attendance, absorbing their enthusiasm for the experience. Another step in building my ‘field of dreams’.

In 2007, I was contacted by a group who was to bring His Holiness back to the area, asking if I would assist with the PR and Marketing.  Of course I was excited to be part of the team. I asked “By the way, how about an interview?”  The response was that he wasn’t granting media interviews this time around either.  Another seeming denial of my dream.  As the time grew closer, my  friend Greg Schultz, who had been so supportive over the years, took on the role of Event Coordinator for the Philadelphia presentation.  He continued ‘working his connections’ and a few months prior to the day His Holiness was due in Philadelphia, he told me that it looked possible that my wish would indeed be granted, but it wasn’t a sure thing yet.  Years ago, I had begun calling this my “dream into reality interview”.  As the day drew closer, so did our awareness that it could indeed come to pass.  A few weeks later my cell phone rang. The voice on the other end; my friend Greg, asked me if I was sitting down.  Catching my breath, I waited for his news. “Take off July16th and 17th. We got the interview!”  I screamed into the phone. The image was captured my a photographer friend who happened to be standing in front of us.  The picture now sits on my dresser as a potent reminder of the moment.

The day before the interview I found myself standing in the sweltering sun, surrounded by a respectfully eager crowd at a Buddhist Temple. Among them was David O’Reilly of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the only other Philadelphia journalist permitted access to His Holiness . We were as excited as children as we spoke about the audience that was to take place at a, as yet undisclosed location, so tight was security. We were allotted 15 minutes each with this spiritual icon. I offered, “In the spirit of cooperation, how about if we go in together and we can have 30 minutes?” David eagerly agreed.

The next morning, tape recorders in hand, hearts racing, we walked the hotel corridor, flanked by Philadelphia police officers and Secret Service agents, right out of Central Casting and entered the room. As I walked across the threshold into my dream, and made eye contact with His Holiness (although I had been advised not to do so by a Buddhist monk that my sister had told about the impending interview) as the tears began to flow.  He approached me,  his own eyes beaming that compassion for which he is so well known. In my hands, I held out the ‘katah’; the white silk scarf used in the ritual in which we were about to engage. He took it, offered a blessing, placed it around my neck and then reached out and hugged me. My trembling knees barely held me up, as the tears continued.  My thought was that of a teenager who was kissed on the cheek by someone on whom she had a crush, “I’ll never wash again.”

Many smiles and a great deal of laughter punctuated what turned out to be more than we had originally been granted; 45 minutes of his time that felt simultaneously like an eternity and gone in a flash.   More hugs to send us on our way, having been forever changed. The article in the “Intell” translated like a news-story while a fuller, richer version of my experience was published in Wisdom Magazine. What this experience has communicated in loud, clear tones is that the seeds of our dreams may take awhile to germinate, but with enough love, determination, KNOWING, not merely belief, grow they will. This one took 20 years to blossom into an exquisite, riotously colorful garden. As a result, it has given me the courage to write a book; to be published by the end of 2010, called The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary, and currently writing a 5 day a week column on Beliefnet called The Bliss Blog… http://blog.beliefnet.com/blissblog;  Hugs, Edie Weinstein



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