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Richard Bach

Richard Bach chats with KAren Swain and Jane Arakawa on Sydney Radio. This is such a blessing, as Richard is known not to give interviews, and two weeks after our chat, while flying his beloved lightweight, Richard had a plane accident which nearly killed him and had him return to his recursive ways, which we talk about in our conversation. Jane held a deep desire to talk with Richard, and so when he agreed to have a chat with me on Accentuate the

positive Radio, Jane simply had to be there.

Wow what a wonderful time we had, what an amazing man. So filled with wisdom, grace, love and knowledge, and what fun he had talking with the two of us.

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Richard was one of my first conscious authors and many of his books changed my world. Below are some of my favorites.

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Richard Bach

5 Responses to Richard Bach

  1. As always – INSPIRING – and I have been a fan of Richard Bach for many years, flown his kind of airplanes myself, know the “secret sounds” and am grateful that some of those buttons that have clamped me “closed” above need, now were allowed to pop.
    What a great experience to listen to this interview. Thank you! John

  2. Wonderful interview. I’ve been a fan of Richard for many years too. My favorite book of all time being ILLUSIONS. Yes, of ALL time. 🙂

    If I had a bucket list, meeting him would most definitely be on it. I have a specific question that I want to ask him. Ahhh for that opportunity. 🙂

  3. Always a pleasure to listen to Richard Bach, and great questions you asked.
    I could not grasp the name of the author of the near-death studies he mentioned. Did anyone?

    Thanks for this interview and listen first-hand all those sweet ideas.

    Ben Garza
    Monterrey Mexico