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Your first relationship must be with yourself. You must honour, cherish, Love yourself and see yourself as worthy before you can see another as worthy. See yourself as blessed before you can see another as blessed. Know your own holiness before you can acknowledge holiness in others.

A person who does not honour themselves will not be honoured by another.

You are here to enrich the lives of everyone you meet. You do this by first enriching your own life with self love, self respect, self fulfilment and then show others how to do so too.

The Universe is a infinite source of Love which flows to you and through you and is available to you in every moment. There is nothing to stop you having this experience now in this present moment, for you have given to yourself a gift in every moment to remember and have the experience of who you truly are.

To identify yourself solely through your thoughts, emotions, and body is to greatly limit yourself to a small part of that which you really are.

More than anything else you are a vibrational being, connected to that from which everything arises. You are the creator as well as the creation. You are the body and the creator of the body. You are the emotions and the movement of the emotions. You are the thoughts as well as the thinker of the thoughts. You have created these beautiful tools as a means of having a physical experience.

Through the alignment of your vibration with source energy you are the power to be, do and have anything you desire. Know this as the experience of your life and you have reached Mastery.

There is nothing to stop you having this experience right now, simply choose to think about something that feels good.

Feeling Good gives you the experience of that which you truly are. Every time you feel good you are in alignment with your source and when you feel less than good, you are holding yourself out of alignment with your power.

We are not here to fight anyone, anything, situation or circumstance, including our own thoughts. Our thoughts are the power we posses to create a living dream or a walking nightmare. It all depends on how you feel..

Christ said, “ Love your enemy”. He was talking about the enemy which are your critical and limiting thoughts about yourself. Not worthy, smart, cleaver, intelligent, enlightened, rich or beautiful enough to have love, money, power, health, happiness, joy.

You are an extension of that which is source energy. You are More than enough…

The problems which arise in our physical circumstances are a reflection of the beliefs we hold about ourselves and are opportunities for us to use the immense power of our choices and our focus to return to Love again. If you could Love the contrast then you have extended a Loved to yourself that knows no bounds.

You are LOVE., remember to feel it… BlissfulBeings/ KAren Swain

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