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Public Speaking

Book KAren Swain for your next transformational event. 

KAren Swain is a powerful inspirational speaker and teacher of Deliberate Creation. She has the ability to answer questions from the crowd, even before they ask them through her talks. She speaks about creating personal Self-Empowerment while educating her audiences about how Law of Attraction is shaping their life.

KAren has been empowering, transforming and inspiring people for the best part of 35 years. She is famous for her ability to see people’s greater purpose and their strongest gifts and to speak about how they can be in alignment with their power to create their highest desires.

KAren is a professional inspirational speaker who has been inspiring audiences for the past 20 years. Her talks are always a thought provoking experience coupled with stories from KArens adventurous and full life, which illustrate beautifully the meaning of her teachings.  KAren is also Radio Host, Author,  Filmmaker, and Difference Maker enlightening you about the power of your thoughts, beliefs and how to live in alignment with your emotional guidance system.

Please send your inquiries via our contact page  or Call  0414321432 for Bookings

KAren explains the Law of Attraction on Sydney Radio

“I met you at the Bronte gathering, I had wonderful inspiring evening that night. I felt your explanations on how the universe works resonated within me. For the first time in my journey of enlightenment I have finally met someone who can explain how the universe works without all the complications, I’ve heard it all a thousand times before but this time it gelled! I feel like I get it now.    Thank you so much Lucy.”

Next speaking event is The Afterlife Explorers Conference Byron Bay 2017The Afterlife Explorers Conference

Meet KAren

KAren is a channel of broader awareness, Self- empowerment communicator; spiritual educator/ teacher/ healer; transformational life coach; A story teller, connector, creative, a difference maker. 😃

I Love Life! (Most of the time)

I really enjoy creating different ways in which to communicate the message of who we truly are and what is available to us when we tune into our true nature of Love and infinite possibilities.

I love interpreting spiritual wisdom into simple and practical ways to live and thrive, and helping people find creative ways in which to do this too. We have a infinite smorgasbord of ways in which to communicate who we are, express our love and empower others to express Love too. We can do this through our art, voice, body, heart, head, hands, connections any pursuit really. There is no limit to how we can express the love we are.

I love knowing my energy is what matters most.

I influence people’s healing and power to create, by focusing and strengthening my own connection to source through my words & wisdom. This reminds them of their powerful connection to their source and power too. It’s always a mystery to me exactly how their transformation happens, but it always happens and people around me remember the love and Joy they are and what’s possible for them.

I have help many people transformed their lives over the years and as I have helped them I have transformed my own. It is a sublime co-creative experience, this life we live and the work I do, and I LOVE it!

Speaking with groups of eager participants who wish to know about the power we have to create and enjoy our lives is one of my greatest joys. There is no better feeling for me than to show up and allow inspiration to channel through me in accordance with the asking and energy of the group. There is no need for me to prepare for these sessions as I know I have infinite intelligence funnelling through me, especially when I put myself in front of a group.  And so my job in all of this, is to allow my creative genius to flow which inspires me and uplifts others. I am always amazed and delighted with the way these events unfold. I learn as much as the people I talk with. I look forward to inspiring your people…  See you soon, KAren Swain

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