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Penny Wilson NDE

Dancing In The Garden With God:

NDE Penny WilsonRetired nurse and mother of three with two beautiful grandchildren, Penny Wilson had an extraordinary Near Death Experience, (NDE) which changed her world.

In August 2014, Penny was struck down with a rare disease called, idiopathic anaphylaxis. The condition resulted in frequent episodes of respiratory failure, forcing doctors to initiate life-support.  It was during three of these episodes, Penny left her physical body and  and returned to our non-physical environment. Her journeys into the afterlife, helped her to understand the abiding love that our Creator has for us, and the divine nature of our existence. Penny learned that each of us is blessed with the ability to affect profound change in the world. 

Inspired by her experiences, she began putting them to paper and is currently working on her first book, “A Life Reclaimed.

Penny began her professional career in 2002 after earning her Associate Degree in nursing from Eastern Kentucky University.  She went on to enter the fields of cardiothoracic and critical care nursing.  In 2011, her practice expanded, allowing her to care for terminally ill and actively dying patients.  This gave her the opportunity to provide support through often neglected end-of-life transitions.  As each soul passed into the spirit world, she found herself examining her own beliefs about death and what lay beyond.  It was not until her own near-death experiences, that she decided to leave nursing and pursue writing as her life’s work.

Penny lives in Kentucky with her fiancé Don, and their three eccentric cats.  Visit Penny’s authors page on Facebook

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Penny Wilson Near Death Experience

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Penny Wilson NDE

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