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KAren in the Media

KAren in the Media

Have a listen to some of KAren’s wonderful conversation in the media about Law of Attraction and her journey to becoming a Psychic and Teacher of Deliberate Creation..

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I had a chat with Kevin Moore on his Moore Show on youtube.  We discuss getting over our stressful thoughts and being powerful deliberate creator   ENJOY!  

Dr. Tarrin P Lupo asked me to join his wonderful youtube show to chat about how we are creators of our reality, and how to be a better deliberate creator. I had so much fun on his show, what a wonderful tribe he has there. Enjoy!


Getrude from Write a Book in 40 Hours chats with me about my journey and we discuss some of the ways to be a brilliant deliberate creator and live a life in alignment with love, for an article for the Huffington Post and for the first interview in the book series The Awakening Soul Series….


KAren chats with Deb King for Loving Life Radio about teaching deliberate creation.

KAren explains the Law of Attraction on Sydney Radio

“I met you at the Bronte gathering, I had wonderful inspiring evening that night. I felt your explanations on how the universe works resonated within me. For the first time in my journey of enlightenment I have finally met someone who can explain how the universe works without all the complications, I’ve heard it all a thousand times before but this time it jelled! I feel like I get it now.    Thank you so much Lucy.”

YouTube / TV

Justin Cooper from Unleash Your Beast; chats with KAren about Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation

Conversations on Purpose – KAren Swain from Unleash Your Beast on Vimeo.

Radio / Podcast

KAren on The Moore Show with Kevin Moore

Nicolas Perrin show ‘Breaking Free from the 9-5

Lionheart-BreakingFree-Cover-lowres-125x125Nicolas Perrin


Have a listen to my wonderful chat with Nicolas Perrin on his podcast show ‘Breaking Free from the 9-5‘ …  We chat about The Ins & Outs of Deliberate Creation and Law of Attraction.

Deliberate Creation: How we create everything moment to moment

Would you love to know how to have all that you prefer right now?

Do you want to re-discover and tap into your inherent power as a conscious co-creator? Anything that you can imagine is possible and you are free to access it at any point you choose. The secret to opening the door to everything that you would love in your life is in the vibration that you hold and radiate outward.


I was Interviewed by  Michael Neeley on his wonderful podcast show Consciously Speaking .

Michael Neeley Consciously SpeakingConsciously Speaking is a daily podcast where you can listen in on guests from all walks of the mindful evolution.

You’ll be introduced to premiere thought leaders in conscious development while receiving insights on how to live with more integrity, work with greater passion, and lead an extraordinary life, with host, Michael Neeley.





Interview on We Don’t Die Radio with Sandra Champlain

Screen shot 2015-05-20 at 9.36.08 AM

Sandra Champlain

Australian Thought Leader and Change Agent Karen Swain has had, like many of us, questions about life, death and what may be beyond. After losing her mother at 16, Karen has some extraordinary psychic experiences with the other side, and because of this she realized we don’t have to be a famous medium to see, hear, feel and maintain communication with loved ones who have crossed over  Karen Swain is a radio show host , she is the author of the book “Return to Love,” She has witnessed miraculous healings.   She is a transformational, intuitive life coach who helps people worldwide live their greatest lives!

Visit We Don’t Die Radio here



Cruising with G: Glenn Millanta on FM99.3



SteveO Show on Northside Radio FM99.3



Bondi Radio with Frederick Malouf about Sydney Peace Day Radio



The Academy of Light Magazine: John of God article

Elephant Journal: Fat Fifty and should be Dead

The Thirst Magazine: Go to magazine here 

Sage Magazine: View your life through the lens of Love