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Mary; Darryl; Malcolm

It only took overnight!

From Mary in Colorado; Abundance: Cool, huh?

I was watching a love movie the other night and the gorgeous gal in the movie told her dad how it would make her deliriously joyful if someone would be gift her with a huge bouquet of white lilies since they were her favourite flower.  I thought “boy, that would make me ecstatic too.”

The next day I was getting ready to go to the grocery store and as I began to turn into the store a voice said “Today go to the other grocery store.”  So, I did.  Upon entering the store I saw a huge grocery cart filled with white lilies.  Since it was after Easter weekend they were on sale for $2 each.  “Wow! I thought-I’ll get three and make that big bouquet I wanted!”  At that very moment a gal who worked there walked up to the cart filled with the delicious lilies and said “Hi! Want some of these?”  “Oh yes, I am going to get three-they are so beautiful!”  Whereupon she said “Just take what you want.  In fact, take the whole cart.”!!!!!!!!! I did!! I came home with 14 beautiful pots of white beautiful lilies that now fill my house!!  As I walked to my car with this shop cart full of free lilies I thanked the Universe for her bouquet to me.

Cool, huh?  It only took overnight!! Mary.


No one on this planet knew what I had asked for

From Darryl in Sydney Australia;

Hi Beautiful. Well I came home on Sunday night from spending my usual weekend at my special beloved Ken’s house. It was cold and dark and I felt like taking a walk around my suburb. I walked and meditated and Thanked the Universe for being so happy and abundant and said, “God if I am on my right path, give me a sign….mmm show me an owl.” (That’s my favourite bird) I looked up at the beautiful autumn trees expecting to see or hear a hoot or big eyes looking at me. Nothing. I walked on and forgot about it and my thoughts turned elsewhere.

On arriving back home, the phone was ringing..it was Ken. “Darryl,” he said “You are not going to believe this. I was upstairs when the dogs were making a commotion downstairs, so I went there and to my surprise an OWL had flown into the back room and was sitting on the curtain rail and staring at me.”

Needless to say I was speechless..No one on this planet knew what I had asked for —yet all did. Lots of love Darryl


 Around the world in 90 days

From Malcolm W Walsh in Sydney:

I always thought it would be cool to see the world, from a young age I would see my friends travel around the globe and hear there stories. But I was insecure and unsure to do it myself so I put the ideal out of my mind. Also I thought I didn’t have enough time or money.

So years down the track I meet a wonderful girl called KAren and she asked me one day what you would like to do with your life if money was no problem and I said I would really like to see the world. Then soon after that at my work they introduced a new work place agreement where you could take three months off work without pay and I thought who would take all that time off work without pay.

After that about two months had passed Karen and I were at a spiritual workshop with a lady from America and she asked us if we were married and we said no and then she said she would like to marry us that day. So we just went with the flow and we got married that day, we were at a friends house and Karen borrowed some clothes and then some rings appeared and a brown paper bag filled with rose petals. It was a wonderful wedding with lots of excitement and joy.

Then two weeks after that a friend said that she would like to give us a trip around the world and she said, I want you to take three months to see it. This was her gift to us so we had a honeymoon around the world. We went from swimming in the Ganges, to blistering wind at Stonehenge, to climbing on pyramids, to meditating at Mary Magdalene’s Grotto in France, to the subway in the big apple to, shoveling snow from our front door in Itheca, to the beach near LA to the Mexican Rivera, to the ski slopes of Colorado, to the land of the long white cloud.

As you can see we certainly saw all what we wanted to see, and what I learnt from this whole experience was you can have everything you want as long as you appreciate and are grateful for everything that is your life in this moment, then more can come to you. So dreams do come true when you let them in.  Malcolm Walsh

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