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Jen Harwood

Jen Harwood

jenharwoodThe Greatness Principle

Who is in your corner? When things get hard, who do you reply on? Listen to my incredible chat with the immensely inspirational Jen Harwood about how we can all be Greatness when we know we are supported and set in place our greatness team.

This is one of the best interviews I have done in three years on radio talking with amazing people. This principle just seemed to speak to me as I am one of those bossy independent woman who think I have to do it all by myself.


Part 1 What is the greatness Principle?

Part 2: How did you discover the Greatness Principle? Jen’s story.

Part 3; How do BUSINESSES GO BROKE?? Sarah’s Story

Part 4; Being Mum and the Greatness Principle in families

 Part 5: What’s the relationship you’re having with people right now

and how can you make it better?


Jen is a recognised business speaker who can touch, move and inspire an audience to think differently about business and create positive change. Jen’s style is energetic and engaging. She shares real business stories to teach audiences fundamental business principles in an entertaining way. Jen’s topics are: The Art of Networking, The Art of Attraction, The Confident Woman, The Great Business, How to Grow Your Customer Base.

Small Business Expert For the 18 years Jen has coached and consulted with over a thousand business owners and executives throughout Australia, as well as New Zealand, South Africa, China, USA, Thailand and Indonesia to promote tangible business results. Jen is a certified business coach and an award winning business planner and consultant.  Visit Jen’s web site here

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