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Jamie Butler


I had such a enlightening conversation with the wonderful Jamie Butler on ATP Media. Jamie is one of the most extraordinary mediums I have ever encountered. I first saw Jamie speaking for Erik Medhus on the Channeling Erik Blog and love the way she was bringing through the messages from spirit. Erik died in 2009 and his Mother, Elisa Medhus found Jamie in her grief and wanting to know if there really is life after death. Jamie proved beyond a doubt that she was indeed talking with Erik and together with Erik and Elisa formed an extraordinary relationship teaching spiritual principles from the great beyond.

Jamie has many talents and is a wonderful teacher of concepts which would seem strange to many people, but have been her normal all her life. Listen to our fascinating conversation about her journey, her childhood, the channeling Erik phenomena and the future for her centre and humanity. We talk about her guides Grace and Maitland and the new children arriving on the planet, what they bring and why they are here. We also touch on how to stay happy, being physical focused, while knowing who you are as an unlimited spiritual entity and where you come from, our home of Love and Light in non physical. This is a long conversation, as we both wanted to stay connected. I hope you stay to the end, it is worth it! BIG LOVE ks xx

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Jamie Butler

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