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The Intelligent Body

How many times have you cut yourself and within a couple of days your body has completely repaired your wound? You never thought it wouldn’t, most people completely trust the body’s ability to heal itself. There is an innate intelligence within us, which knows exactly how to create new skin cells and repair tissue damage. You did not think to open the band-aid and check to see if it is working or not, most of us never question the body’s ability to heal itself in this way.

This intelligence knows exactly what to do when the physical body becomes out of balance, as in the case of a cut. Every cell knows which chemicals are needed to repair the physical imbalance, and as the cell is asking for increases in specific chemicals, hormones and blood supply, the body is answering this request. There seems to be an intelligent conversation going on inside our own body that most of us are not aware of. It is truly miraculous, amazing and I believe evidence of a supreme power at work in our lives all the time.

The first time I had this thought was when I was a naturopathic student studying Anatomy and physiology many years ago. It seemed extraordinary to me the workings of the human body.  How could something so natural to us be so complex, that even the most brilliant scientists of today are still at a loss to explain much of what is going on.  Science has discovered and can explain so much it dazzles the average person,  but so much more is to be found out about how this fantastic system works.

“Who invented this amazing instrument?” I would think to myself when I studied physiology. “What intelligence made all this possible and what is our relationship with this fantastic intelligence?” It really blew me away and still does today when I think about how a woman’s body can manufacture another human being, a system that is so complex and intricate, and yet a woman’s body does this task seemingly effortlessly. It is natural and expected and yet no scientist can do it outside the body. No one has discovered how to manufacture a human without the presence of another human at hand. It is such a feat and yet women body do it everyday. Even when scientists try to replicate reproduction and cellular growth, huge amounts of effort and mental input are needed and yet our body does it instantaneously and effortlessly. What is the secret?

“If this intelligence is working within me and for me, how do I understand how to work with it and not against it? I thought to myself, and “If there is an energy stream or an infinite intelligence that is always working within me, why do things go wrong? Why does the body get sick and not heal as it is supposed to? Why are there so many doctors, therapist and ways of healing that exists in the world, if the body is designed to heal itself? If the body is really designed to heal itself, why do people get sick and die? How can I believe that it will always work for me?”

All are good and valid questions; ones I asked myself often on my journey to understanding how to help others and myself stay well and thrive in this wondrous life playground. Questions I am sure many of you have thought about when experiencing sickness or struggle at times in your life.

The answer is very simple and workable in our lives. There is evidence all around us if only we will look. The key is in the first paragraph of this article: Trust! I have learned to I trust this intelligence or supreme power, after many years of searching for its source and wondering how it works in my life. I now know that I am always supported by it and that it exists to serve me no matter what I do. It is apart of me, helping me to enjoy my time here on earth. This intelligence knows how to do thing, make things happen that if I studied how to do this for a millennia I would have eternity to go to find the answers. But there is the beauty of all of this. I do not need to know how it all works to have it work in my life. But I do have to know how to allow it.

Well being abounds it is all around us, intelligence and supreme power exists everywhere including in the body and when we allow it to flow and do its work, miracles happen every day, like an average of 300,000,000 chemical reactions happening in our bodies in about one second, or the making of a baby when this number doubles. But when we push against this flow of well-being and inhibit the workings of this intelligence, thing start to go wrong and the system or the body will become out of balance, malfunction happens or disease is formed. Just as if you have inhibited the supply of air or water to a plant, the plant will become sickly and eventually die. But when we restore the supply the plant gets better.

How can I allow life energy to flow efficiently and not obstruct it?

It is all connected to the way we think and feel. It is a brilliant design, so simple and yet it seems to elude some of the most learned and intelligent minds on our planet.

For year there has been a debate about the reality of mind-body medicine. In the past doctors told us there is no connection between what we think and the wellness or disease in our bodies, but integrated or natural therapy has been talking about the effects of our emotions and thoughts, on our physical system, for decades. Louise Hay, one of the many brilliant minds in the mind-body medicine field, let us know about the effect of our feeling and emotions on the body. With her little book “Heal your body,” She told us when we become upset or feel fearful, unloved, troubled, stressed, when we doubt and feel alone, it has a direct effect on our health. Louise pointed out which thought and feelings are related to which problems, but it can be even more simple than this.

If we could let go of what is troubling us and find peace in all areas of our lives, right now, the intelligence of our bodies will do it profound work effortlessly and very well. All we have to do is allow this fantastic system to work by balancing our mental and emotional energy. We know when we are in balance because we feel good and we know when we are pushing against or resisting life force energy because we feel bed.

Our emotions are our feedback system, which let us know when we are resisting the stream of well-being or letting it flow.

The more relaxed, happy and joyful we are the more we are allowing health and well-being to exist in our bodies and lives. The worse we feel the more we are resisting the flow and the body is always letting us know. When we are feeling bad our emotional feedback system is showing us we are resisting the flow of well-being, and if we do not do anything about bringing ourselves to a better feeling place our feedback system really gets our attention by creating sensations, discomfort, pain or disease in our physical body system.

This fantastic intelligent is communicating to us continually, letting us know how we are doing, because we can feel the discord or the imbalance. It is natural to feel good. It is our true state of being. Look at a baby; their natural state of being is joy, enthusiasm, wonder and excitement. It does not take much to excite, delight or make most babies smile and laugh. They are little bubbles of bliss, and we too can return to this bliss. It only takes deliberate focusing of our thoughts to return to the well-being that babies feels most of the time.

I once heard a spiritual teacher say to her flock. “Be as little children and know you are loved and supported”

Why is this task such a big one to live for many of us? Why do most of us feel we are not completely loved and supported by life? I guess we have spent far too much time looking at, listening to and emulating the lives of the people around us who do not feel the exuberance about life that the baby does. Maybe we should find people who live life in an exuberance place and hangout with them instead. We do not have to change any outside circumstances in order to live and be fulfilled, happy and well. We only have to change the way we look at life and ourselves.

Find a way to adore yourself and look at all the wonderful things that are in your life right now. Change the inner dialogue, focus on what can be, not what was. Look at what you do have, dream big and know you have a brilliant intelligent Universe handling the details of your life, so you can explore and enjoy yourself and your time here in this magnificent time space reality. Love yourself more, give yourself more breaks, let life be as it is instead of trying to change, control and get rid of the things around you, enjoy it all as part of the play you are currently staring in called your life. Celebrate the diversity and our differences. Let go of resistance and let life force flow abundantly in your body, world and in the lives of the people you love.

If we allow this life force and universal intelligence to flow and thrive in our lives there is never a need to suffer ill-health or trauma because the energy source will take care of all the details living entails.

There are many people who live healthy wealthy happy and fulfilling lives. Looks at the attitudes they have and emulate these instead of the attitudes of your familiar surroundings or the TV shows or the current affair programs or your family. Be an empowered individual, you owe it to yourself to do so. You owe yourself an incredible existence, a life of discovery and success.

Eleanor Roosevelt put it this way…. “Remember always that you have not only the right to be an individual; you have an obligation to be one. You cannot make any useful contribution in life unless you do this.”

Be the dream and live in a light beam. Show the way for others who are searching for it. As Gandhi said “ Be the peace you wish to see in the world.”

Make peace with all parts of your world right now and you will extend to yourself an unconditional love that will be the light of the Universe.


Love is you, remember to live it.

KAren Swain…

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