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How are we really the creators of what we want in our life?

We believe the message of how to live connected to your inner guidance and allow your energy to flow is Essential Knowing.

Do we have a say in every detail of how life shows up or is there some other relationship between the Universes our thoughts and desires that we need to understand?

There is more we can do to allow our dreams to come true.

In our gathering we will talk about creating the life of your dreams, how to let your desires flow and the processes of being the powerful deliberate creator. Can we really live a life of freedom to be, do and have anything you want?

It is your asking that creates the Universe and your receiving that makes this time on this Planet, the leading edge. Are you open to receive what you have been asking for?

Self empowerment is all about self guidance

Feeling connected to your higher self, inner being or broader perspective and receiving messages or guidance is all about Listening. Everyone on the planet has access to clear precise higher guidance. The question is not who is receiving? But; who is listening? I believe we are all receiving higher wisdom all the time, although we may not have access to it in our current emotional state, or through our current belief systems. Everyone on the planet channels source energy when they are loving, adoring, appreciating and feeling really good.

How do I learn to listen and receive higher guidance?

Many people have asked me this question and my answer is always the same. The best way to receive anything is to first have the desire and then RELAX about how it is going to happen, because if you have asked it will surly happen. Your work is to find that place of confidence or knowing you can trust what you feel.
On these pages I have put some of the tools that helped me tap in, turn on and tune into my higher or broader knowing. It has been for me all about TRUST. Trust that it is happening and that I can trust that what I am receiving is the right message for me and for the ones I am talking to. The way to know is to feel it. If you feel good when you are receiving the thought or the message, then it is right for you. If you do not feel good, it is not right for you. Have fun and enjoy the journey. KAren Swain

Reminders From Home

Hold a Deliberate Creation event at your place

KAren will come to your home or workplace to facilitate a Deliberate Creation Inspirational talk. These intimate events for small groups are riveting, revealing and stimulating. Each guest will receive information about how they can turn around any problematic situation and create a brilliant outcome. This is a brilliant opportunity to revisit and remember potent knowledge about the powerful laws of the universe and revitalize your mind, body and soul.

The events last for approx. three hours and guests have opportunities to ask specific questions related to their own situations.
All you need to do is gather together no less than 6  people  and KAren will come to you.

This is a wonderful opportunity to hold a insightful gathering for you and your friends in the comfort of your own home or workplace.

Tell your friends, family and colleges, we are sure they too will find this event inspirational and empowering. Find answers to burning question, make peace with your lives and let more well being flow.

It really is so beneficial to have personal attention to you queries and to allow someone to  help you find peace with your life right now, this opens the doors for more good things to flow to you.

You CAN live the life of your dreams … The talk costs $400 for Two hours. Everyone will receive the gift of Inspiration. Priceless!

Call or email us to line up a date to suit everyone. 0414321432


Appreciating these inspirational events:

“I met you at the Bronte gathering, I had wonderful inspiring evening that night. I felt your explanations on how the universe works resonated within me. For the first time in my journey of enlightenment I have finally met someone who can explain how the universe works without all the complications, I’ve heard it all a thousand times before but this time it gelled! Perhaps my journey set me up for Monday night.. I feel like I get it now. Thank you Lucy”

“Thanks Karen, It was wonderful to be reminded to simply and gently bring yourself back to feeling good, and Karen does amazing job at it, great energy, it feels like Jerry and Esther Hicks are in the room. Thank you KAren for sharing yourself so generously.” Lv Milla.

I was feeling so down and uninspired with everything. Then I went to an inspiration gathering and was reminded of how easy it is to receive everything I want and enjoy life again. The meetings are invaluable, I am so grateful to KAren for her words of wisdom and the clarity in which she delivers the message. I left feeling so much more positive about everything. Luv Cas.”

Every time I attend a gathering I receive Pearls of wisdom that have changed my life for the better. It is great to be reminded to relax and enjoy again. Sometimes it is easy to forget. It is wonderful to find clarity and peace again, I think I take it all too seriously sometimes. I love being reminded how powerful I can be in creating a world I want to live in and to appreciate myself again. Life IS supposed to be fun!” Thanks, Helen Gracy

Hello KAren. Thanks so much for this morning, I so enjoyed being there and listening to your amazing wisdom, i have been feeling great all day. You never cease to amaze me. Most my questions got answered just listening to everyone else, I love it how that happens. I enjoyed the mix of women, they were great.  I so enjoyed the beautiful gray haired lady who helps the old and fragile. She’s pretty special. And so are you ” Lots of love Karen Tofler

“Appreciation” is probably exactly what I get out of your gatherings. As you said yourself its not to get anything in particular but just to enjoy the time and I always come away feeling somehow better about everything. I am finding it easier after every time to just live more in the moment and enjoy whatever that brings. My life generally seems to take less effort and is far less complicated than it used to be. Thank you for making this possible.'” Love Barbara Venables

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