KAren Swain

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Wisdom on Life, Love,

                  Consciousness & Liberation. 

It all comes down to  

    Allowing life to 

                 Give you what you ask for.



This little eBook  is a guide to understanding better, how the powerful Law of Attraction is really working in your life. It is about knowing how to be a Deliberate Creator and live in harmony with your dreams.



  • Essential Self-Empowerment Law of Attraction Information; Methods that create automatic changes in your life .

  • Breakthrough thinking that really open your eyes to the true potential of your mind.

  • The most enjoyable ways to sharpen your intuition, boost your creativity and get an avalanche of brilliant new ideas.

  • Effortless ways to boost your concentration and mental focus by connecting to your Genius Inner Being.

  • How to skyrocket your enthusiasm to a whole exciting level, and stop procrastination.

  • How you can eliminate the negative ‘voice’ inside your head that is holding you back from reaching your full potential.

  • How to finally unlock your subconscious mind and literally attract health, wealth and Joy into your life.

  • Appreciation Therapy, JOY… and much more.

Your aspirations are not a race, an exam, or a series of skill testing questions that permit you to proceed.

When you know how to feel good you have all you need to create

        the life you want

 You are  Genius Creator 

      here to LIVE  your Dreams

Give yourself  PERMISSION

It’s time to take back Your



Power to Receive


   to Allow

                        & to Love

Every breath fuels your expansion to more sacred desires.

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