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Healing Habits

June 2006

A habit can be the reason behind living the life of our dreams or living a life of struggle. Good emotional habits can take us from striving to arriving at the destination of our desires, depending on the habitual thoughts we choose to practice.

For many years now I have looked into the habitual practices of the people around me. Different religions, life teachers, spiritual beliefs systems and organisations,  I found habitual ways of being or thinking is the most powerful force on earth in creating your life circumstances. Be it good or bad.


What is your habit of thinking, doing or speaking? Think about it and notice and how satisfied  you are with the outcomes in your life?

Anyone can learn a new technique, or be given a way to get what they want, but the people who make this a habit are the ones who practice thinking in a better feeling way on a daily, maybe even an hourly basis.

The only difference between people who try new strategies and don’t see the optimum results and the people who are thriving with everything they do, people who thrive have developed an attitude of gratitude as an habitual way of being. They have healthy emotional habits. It is natural for them to feel good when they awaken in the morning. It is natural for them to feel positive about what they are doing and the results that are coming, it is natural for them to know that they will get what they want. It is natural for them to enjoy life and expect more good things to come. It is natural because they have made it a habit.

The same can be said for the people who never get what they want. You know at least one of them. For years they tell you what they are going to achieve or make promises they never keep. But their life seems to go from one failure to another, from one disaster to another from one drama to another. They try to try but never really get what they want or what they tell everyone they want. Then they are labeled as losers, or failures, drama queens or full of hot air. These people are the same as successful people but they have adopted unhealthy habitual ways of thinking and feeling which is determining the results they are living.

I know of people who have spent thousands of hours and dollars on spiritual or self-help books and courses, or rags to riches courses and ideas. Marketing plans, financial plans, business plans, healing substances and techniques, spiritual rituals, dogma and ideas, all manner of steps to get them what they want but they never really achieve what they are looking for. WHY? They have all the strategies, the knowledge and the rights ideas? What is missing?

The Buddhist believe it is important to developed a daily practice. To them this is a morning and evening ritual which usually involves meditation and prayer. To me it is more about the daily ritual or meditation being a part of our every waking thought or prayers. Just like the nuns would wear their habits every moment of everyday to remind them and others of the beliefs they practice and the commitment they have taken to uphold their beliefs, we too need to make thinking well a constant habit, because through the powerful law of Attraction our thoughts are attracting what we are feeling. So at any moment we are a vibrational match, or a emotional magnet, to what we are thinking about and feeling.

WOW, this makes cleaning up our thoughts really important because I do not think that too many people deliberately think, “yes please universe, bring me lots of things to be frustrated or angry about. Bring me a job that I hate or a partner I do not respect or illness in my body.”

I do not believe anyone would deliberately ask for these things, but they do show up in the lives of beautiful, loving, caring people. Why?

We all tend to indulge in thoughts that do not feel good, not because we want to draw bad things to us, but because we feel right about feeling bad when bad stuff happens and our well-meaning friends and family tend to agree with us. They feel it is their duty to agree with us about how terrible things are, because they believe most of us want this. Most people feel if they do not agree with the reason for our pain they are not being loving or supportive. “I want you to hate my ex-partner and agree with me about what a pig they are, or I want you to agree that my job is boring and under paid, or how horrific my diagnosis is and what a terrible journey lies ahead of me.” But these well-meaning friends are not doing us any favours, nor are we allowing positive energy to flow into our lives when we hold strong to the ideas we have about why we feel bad.

I believe every thought is a prayer heard and answered by the universe, and our meditation can be an awareness and the participation of every thought we indulge in. But this seems to be a big job; ” How can I listen and be aware of every thought that runs through my mind, my thoughts seem to have a life of their own, they never stop, it’s constant and if I was to stop and listen to every single thought that ran through my head I think I may just go crazy!”

Every thought has a frequency attached to it, and in every moment of the day we are aware of this frequency. We call this our emotions. Emotion or, energy in motion, is the way our thoughts are communicating to us about what is going on in our mind. We are feeling our thoughts, and we know if a thought is a good or a bad because we can feel it. There are only two ways of feeling, we will feel good or bad, but there are varying degrees of this.

A morning meditation can be a powerful healing habit. To deliberately put our focus on ideas, memories or imaginings that feel really good can set the emotional stage of our day. It is an awesome force to deliberately guide our thinking to a better feeling place because we benefit so much from the feelings evoked by beautiful, exciting, thrilling or peaceful thoughts and images we conjure up. When we feel good we are allowing life force energy to flow, and this allows our bodies to balance, heal, repair, resort and reunite with source energy. There are so many awesome benefits to good feelings. The better you feel the more benefits you will have.

When you awaken in the morning stop to think about what feels good in your ritual of thought, and set the intention to carry this through your day? Notice if you tend to your daily routine in a state of disapproval. “The weather is terrible, the traffic is congested, I look fat in this, I don’t have the money I want, I am stressed about all the bills, the Kids are driving me crazy this morning, I hate my job, I feel sick, I am late, I’m tied….. ” Make a deliberate decision to change your habitual ways of thinking. Nothing is impossible, a habit is just a practiced way of thinking and it is easy to make new more empowering habits by practicing better feeling thoughts.

The way you think most of the time is a practices habitual program that is determining the results and circumstances of your life. The really good news is, you can change the way you think by paying attention to how you feel, and as you practice better feeling more empowering thoughts this becomes a new habitual way of being for you which will attracted more of what you are wanting into your life.

Thoughts like, “ It’s great to be alive, I am excited about what nice surprises today will bring. I have plenty of time to get everything done. I enjoy the joy my kids have in everything they do, it is OK to be late because my children’s joy is more important than being on time. I love the people I work with, I love what I do. I like choosing new and different things to wear each day”….


Your abundance is also tied up in your habitual thoughts about your ability to have money; When you have practiced poverty thinking for a long time, you develop habitual ways of thinking about money. I know many people, including myself, find it hard not to look at the price of something and then determine whether we can afford it or not. But when we worry or even notice the price of an item, what are we really giving out in that feeling about money? What are we really telling the universe we are capable of?

“ Oh great this is cheap, I can afford that, or this is too much I can’t afford that.” Both statements are a proclamation of who we have decided we are. We are not rich, and the universe is matching what we have proclaimed, and agreeing with us. Now the question asks u;, how are we going to feel about money when we are wanting more? What habitual ways of thinking do we want to practice.

I have plenty of money; Money come easily and abundantly to me now; I can afford this; I am able to afford anything I want….


You may know someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal or chronic disease. Think about this a little bit, lets take this word disease and separate it in to two parts. Dis-ease. This is a mind that is not at ease. Do you know people like this? They have a chronic habit of worry or one could say, a mind that seems to be terminally not at ease? They may have become out of balance in their thinking and from this habitual dis-ease in their thoughts their body is now giving them stronger feed back about the way they have been thinking.

All emotional or physical dis-ease is a feedback system that is letting us know we are not thinking in a way that is allowing well-being to flow.

When we feel good our emotional feed back or guidance system is showing us we are thinking in a way which is allowing well-being or positive life-giving energy to flow. It is showing us that we are moving towards what we have been wanting, dreaming about and desiring.

So when a doctor say to you, or some one you know, “you have acquired an incurable disease”. Remind them that all this means is, the cure to the dis-ease will be to release the dis-ease in my thinking.

Go within yourself and look for thoughts or beliefs that feel less ill at ease, then Change those destructive thought patterns and create a habit of a more positive outlook. See life from a grander perspective, look at what IS working in your life and feel the peace and comfort of that.

Create a habit of thinking about what works well in life, what is great in your life, what you do appreciate, how much life loves you and how you can have it all.

Incurable means to cure from within, and the cure to any dis-ease is always about finding peace with what is in your life now.

Find your appreciation about what is great about being alive. Every moment can be a deliberate practice as you listen to the way you feel and make a better feeling emotional adjustment towards your well-being a habit. And if you fall off track, don’t beat yourself up, just get back on track by turning your attention around and get back into your practice. Because as you practice feeling better about life, like anything else you practice long enough, it will become your habitual way of being and the results in your life will astound, delight and thrill you, and your friends will ask …

” Why do you have such a great life? What do you do to get everything you want? Why is it you are so blessed? ” And you will say.” I practiced feeling good and made thinking in a way which feel good a habit.”

Make your dominant vibration an habitual state of Appreciation, and show the world how well you can live…

Love is you, remember to feel it. KAren Swain

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