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Frances Rae Key

The Team Books; A Mother’s Wisdom from the Other Side

“You are not alone! You are not really even functioning as just one person.  Nobody is… for you are a member of a spiritual Team as close to you as breathing.”

Frances KeyOn October 9, 2010, at the age of 86, Gloria Crystal “Teddy” Key passed away at her Florida home, her family by her side.  Nineteen days later, her lilting Australian voice began to communicate with her eldest daughter, Frances, about the scope and wonder of her new perspective from the afterlife state. This remarkable collection of insights, written in less than a year and divided into three books, has astounded friends, family and a growing circle of readers with its unique analogies, with, depth of wisdom, and unusual outlook on the human experience.
Teddy conveys that each soul is on the Earth as a member of a spiritual Team, with overarching and specific missions in life. She reveals how various Teams work through what appear to be “individuals” and how there’s so much more than meets the eye to our relationships, environment, and impulses. 

Listen to my FASCINATING conversation with Frances Rae Key, who was an English teacher to immigrants and refugees for 18 years, worked in a refugee camp at one time, and a music teacher/songwriter and is now A channel, medium and scribe for the Enlightening Book Series The Team; A Mother’s Wisdom from the Other Side” These books are written from beyond this physical realm, by Frances as she channeled a direct and POWERFUL communication with her Mother Gloria Key in her higher dimensional home.

“Death is NEVER the end, just turning the page on the chapter in the story of your eternal soul “


 Audio Only

See highlights of the Inner Sanctum Webinar Series with Frances in September 2017 ENJOY! 😊

Below are the Kindle editions; click on the pictures to buy

Book One
Book Two
Book Three



Book One, expressed in a tone both motherly and instructive, delivers messages about such intriguing concepts as “Spiritual DNA”, “Activating the Alternative”, “Elimination through Illumination”, and “The Hodgepodge That is the Earth”.

In Book Two, the same voice of encouragement and guidance is heard, along with messages of other Team members who provide a more scientific and philosophical slant on topics such as “The Great Gift of the Earth Experience”, “Vibrational Spheres”, “Your Mystical Body” and “The Wheat from the Chaff”.

Book Three ties these concepts together as it addresses vitally important concepts such as “Where Relationships Abide”, “Reverence”, “Transforming Remorse”, “Bringing the Light”, “Universal Systems”, “Suicide”, “All Hands on Deck!” and “Preparing for Your Own Death”.

You will learn in these books about the great love and support of your Spiritual Team who is working beside you and through you along every step of your journey. The energy behind these words will lift you up beyond the pains and petty concerns of life into a grand view of the incalculable value of the experience you are having as a human being. As stated on the first page of Teddy’s writings: 

the team books

‘THE TEAM’ A Mother’s Wisdom from the Other Side

It’s “All Hands on Deck!” for the world right now, and one of the reasons I’m able to do this with you is because of that fact. Teams are escalating their work, bringing many things to full fruition, to prepare for a major “overhaul” in a sense. These points of monumental change and revelation occur many times throughout the cycles upon the Earth. We are all positioned perfectly for what is to come. From here, it is a light show. Vibrations of great contrast are pulsating across the Earth in massive sheets of color, energy and power. There is so much varied intention swirling all around humanity, it would be impossible for things to stay the same. Our Team, like all teams, is well aware of what is needed and how to maximize what we have to offer.

All along the spectrum of spiritual development there are various groupings of souls who work together for a wide variety of purposes- some for general reasons, others for very definite purposes. Great efforts are made to make very specific plans when it is clear to a Team that certain events, places, and rendezvous are necessary to facilitate the most efficient and beneficial connections for the progress of everyone involved. This is one of those times.

But it isn’t the details of the “assignment” at hand which are the greatest concern. Rather, it is the acceleration of vibrations that is so important- both the electrifying, shooting-star type bursts of vibration that occur during moments of sudden upliftment, as well as the steady hum of the consistently-offered vibration of stability. Nothing is as important as the vibration of intention that each of you is emanating from deep within your being, for this and only this is what is felt, seen, sensed, absorbed, used, and redirected by your Team. Outer circumstances are immaterial when compared to the importance of one’s vibratory quality….

From Book One… ‘THE TEAM’ A Mother’s Wisdom from the Other Side: by CRYSTAL “TEDDY” KEY. As communicated to her daughter Frances Rae Key

“We all have the same amount of time each day, 24 hours, 365 days a year.  And during every second of that time, we’re always contributing to something. In other words, we are always an instrument of something.  If we are not an instrument of peace, we have to ask ourselves, of what are we an instrument?  Unless we demand to know, we may live our lives as silent partners to a system that insulates us from the consequences of our excesses.  So what kind of instrument have we personally and collectively become?  And even more importantly, what will we choose to become in our future?”

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Frances Rae Key

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