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First Thought.

How to Maintain a Positive Attitude throughout your day

A Spiritual Practice.

Many people ask me; “How can I maintain good feelings? When I read uplifting books or listen to teachers or have counseling, I often come away feeling really up lifted, like I can rule the world, but this feeling doesn’t last. I find after a day or so, sometime longer sometimes shorter, I go back to my old ways and find I’m feeling disempowered all over again. What can I do to keep feeling positive?”

We practice thinking everyday, every moment, every second, there is not a moment in the day when we are not thinking. Where do most of these thoughts come from? They, like everything else in life, are attracted to other thoughts which have come from your first thought. What is your first thought? it is the thoughts you have as you awaken in the morning. 

Thought attracts other similar thoughts. This is why many people say they can not get out of their funk, or bad feeling place, because as they keep thinking about what’s upsetting them more thoughts that match these thoughts are coming to them at lightning speed. So how do you get out of it? Isn’t this an interesting phrase, “out of it,” that is what people are doing when they get drunk or high, they are trying to get out of their practiced way of thinking with props outside of themselves.

They have forgotten they have the power within to change the way they feel.

Although some people, when feeling powerless to change the way they feel, seek guidance from others, like  a friend, a teacher or healer,  a guru or doctor to help them feel better. Some have said to me they feel enslaved by their habitual practiced thought patterns. “I’m in jail here and I can’t get out of it.”

It seems these thoughts keep coming back to them over and over again, attracted to their first thought, and so they think there’s no way out because they feel bad much of the time. It is as if they have set the tone of their day to negative and they find it hard to change the channel.

How do we get out of a bad state of being and stay feeling better?

First we have to make a decision to deliberately look for better feeling thoughts . ( This is called intention. My intention is to feel better.) We can do this so many different ways, there is literally a million ways we use to feel better. We listing to music, or watch a uplifting movies or read something enlightening, but all of these involve other things to help us, when out side props are not always available. Like when we are in the car or in a meeting or at a party or at work. Changing the way we think in the moment we recognise we do not feel good, is the most empowering way we have to feel better, and this is available to us anywhere any time. But it does take practice to get really good at it, and this practice should always start FIRST thing in the morning.

This is why a morning spiritual practice is so important. I call it spiritual because if you set the tone of your day to vibrate at a positive rate you will be more connected to your spirit or source, your clarity and energy and your infinite intelligence.

You are in control of the tone you set for your day. You and only you can decide how you will feel now and throughout the day, and you do this by making a decision to feel good as you awaken in the morning.

Take some time EVERY Morning, it does not take much, to seek out good feeling thoughts. Many people mediate or pamper themselves or exercise  and if you are one of them, make sure you think well as you do it. It’s easy to get into an action habit like jogging or walking and then let your worried thoughts run away with you while you are in doing it.

I fine it really good to fantasize about what it is I want. I see myself  living it. I feel what it feels like to have that lifestyle or that circumstance or the desire. I see my dream and feel it as if it is happening right now. I feel happy to be n this moment knowing there are more great moment o to come. I feel appreciative that I have been giving this incredible ‘life’ opportunity to know myself better, to be the creator of my life. To be the captain of my ship. I love myself and the beings or the intelligence that I talk to in the privacy of my mind. I love them and thank them and love them some more. I can’t tell you how good this feels, then I look for things or people or circumstances in my life now that match these feelings. I see how I have attracted things and people that have made me feel the same way and I look forward to expanding this enegy.

I look forward to having more. More love, more life and more adventures. I look forward to evolving and going beyond where I have been before.

Another way I use to feel good is to use the negative stuff to build a positive out of it. This article came out of someone’s question and pain and I know it will help many others, so this persons pain is a gift to you in the form of this article.

You can think of something funny but I find that give you a hit that can quickly disappear. It is when you know you have something to live into that you can sustain a more positive attitude. Looking forward to something is as about as good as it get.

When you awaken in the morning find something to look forward to. It doesn’t have to be something that will happen that day, but if you have a dream you know you will fulfil, you will feel alive again .

If you have failed at something, it could be getting pissed off with someone that you said to yourself you not to let them upset you again. Then look forward to the next time they do something that doesn’t please you and you find you CAN maintain your connection to a good feeling place no matter what. This gives you a challenge to look forward to.

Challenge your self mentally. How long can I stay feeling good today. It is a bit like exercise. How many push ups can I do today. Yesterday I couldn’t do any, but today I could do one and tomorrow maybe two. Make a game out of it, after all this life is like a game, and we are giving you the rules to succeed. “The game of life and how to play it.”

What will you think about tomorrow morning, get in the habit of it even when you go to bed, then you will find it soooo much easier to find those positive thoughts again as you awaken in the morning.

It is the FIRST THOUGHT that sets the tone of your day. Get it right and you’ll attract similar thoughts to you and find you’ll sail through your day attracting more and more things, people and places to feel good about…

LOVE is you remember to feel it…. All my Love KAren Swain

Love to hear your thoughts…

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