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‘You deserve an Academy Award!’ and ‘Wouldn’t be nice if?’

You deserve an Academy Award!

When I was a young girl my father experienced some difficulties. His frustrations often turned to anger, and for one reason or another, his anger was often coupled with violent outbursts.

I was twelve and cleaning the house when my two-year-old half-brother insisted on playing a game called sitting on the vacuum cleaner. Rushing, I tried to get my chores done so I could go out with my friends. I became frustrated with his game, so I picked him off the cleaner and put him on the couch and told him to sit still until I was done. My step-mother was not impressed with my disciplining attempts and complained to my father. This was enough to set him off.

I defended myself the only way I knew how. When he was handed the leather strap I grabbed it and held on for dear life, only fuelling the flames of his anger. The fight ended and he won. I was thrown against the wall and lost consciousness. When I woke up I realised I was alone, so I made a dash for the door and ran for my life. As a result of the drama I experienced in my childhood my life became a journey to understand myself and peoples behaviour better. Why, why, why does this type of behaviour happen? I found my answers in forgiveness, love and understanding.

One night, while lying in bed contemplating life, love and the universe, I imagined life to be like a colossal Hollywood movie filled with adventure, drama, contrast, challenges, joy, journeys and variety. After all, a good movie has all these ingredients; drama, betrayal, sadness, love, mystery, intrigue and happy endings, that’s what makes it such a good show. Without the drama, the happy ending would not feel as good.

I thought about everyone I had encountered on the stage of life. The ones I loved and the ones that had hurt me, and I remembered from a place of unconditional love, from source energy, that place we are all from, we are the same. Actors, playing our roles in the movie of life, and richer for the experiences.

I realised we are all an extension of source energy, or pure positive energy, and our natural state of being is one of love. With this truth in my heart, in my mind I visualised an Academy Awards ceremony for my life.

The nominees were everyone I had known. They received awards according to their performances. You see, the people who had convinced me the most they were not love, who had behaved in a way that did not look like love, received an academy award for their acting performances. Best supporting actor/actress in a drama series, and so on. But the prise of the night, the best actor award, went to Dad. He had really convinced me, in those times of violence, that he did not love me, I had swallowed it hook line and sinker. His performance had me believing his anger was who he really was, and I was not worthy of his, or anyone else’s love. And in my search for spiritual knowledge and understanding I found that this was not the truth. That behaviour like that only occurs when we forget who we really are and disconnect from our source.

Life is like a magnificent acting job, and for his performance, Dad received the best actors Oscar. I thought of Dustin Hoffman in ‘Rain Man’. He was not really a man with Autism, but he played his role so well, we all suspended our disbelief for the moments we were witnessing his performance. So convincing was he, the Academy gave him an Academy Award.

As a result my inner award ceremony, my relationship with my father healed, as did the relationships with the rest of the men in my life. I no longer felt I had to push away the people who loved me. I could accept their love and I could accept my own self-love. I became less defensive and more accepting of the behaviour of others, understanding that their behaviour has nothing to do with me. Their behaviour is all about their distorted perception of limitedness, lack, loss, and mistrust.

Angry or violent people had forgetting that we are adored by the universe, and life will bring us everything we want when we align with the knowing; we are all an extension of pure positive energy and life delivers  our every dream when we remember who we are.

Next time someone try’s to convince you they do not love you and you aren’t worthy of love, or of getting what you want, tell them, ‘You’re doing such a good acting job trying to forget who you are; You deserve a Academy Award!’

From KAren Swain Sydney Australia;

“Wouldn’t it be nice if…….?”

From Lisa in Australia…

These past few months my partner and I went into a business venture. No matter how much light and positive thought I put into the venture it left me quite a bit in debt. To add to that I had made the decision to drop a major accounting client due to a conflict of ethics. In February I found myself faced with high payments, low income and a really large uncertainty in life’s direction. In addition to all of this there was a workshop I wanted to do in the states that I had been told was sold out and at least 4 in front of me on the wait list.

I was feeling at a loss as this was just not suppose to happen to me. I had done years of work around Financial Abundance and it had been a really long time since I found myself struggling. The only thing coming through from my guides was get the new Abe Book. All I could think of was great… here I am struggling with money and you want me to go spend more!

I gave the book a quick read and picked the process “Wouldn’t it be nice if.. “Life was just to busy to add to much more in to it and it was the process that radiated to me first.

When I was asking the universe to provide for me I realized I was using the wrong wording. Using words such as Find me more work.. Pay my bills. Take this struggle from me. I was sending out the vibration of lack. I am missing something I can’t pay my bills. I am lacking in money. Nothing was coming to me as I was sending out the vibrations of lack.

The process switched this by changing the words to “Wouldn’t it be nice if all my bills were paid and in the fashion I am a custom to, no thought as to how that would happen…. just a “wow, wouldn’t that be nice.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if I found the perfect job that offered me money and Freedom… Wouldn’t it be nice if I could go to the Mediumship course in Laguna… Wouldn’t it be nice If I sat next to the ocean sipping ice tea, watching the sunset. After each “Wouldn’t it be nice thoughts.” I would feel the smile and the warmth fill my body as I thought about the joy that would bring into my life.

Each time I got stressed, about what was happening around me, I would mentally play my game. Which by this point was quite often as I was still struggling with the changes around me.

After two weeks of my game, I was traveling to a clients office and my phone rang.. my partner called to tell me she had just won $100,000 on a scratchie after a very excited phone call and a little convening she was telling the truth. I knew money dramas had just gone away. When I reached worked to check emails there was an email from the course in Laguna saying a place was available and did I want it.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if”…?

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