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Daily Meditation

Daily Meditation

Who am I ?

I am the Power and have the ability to choose my thoughts. I am free to feel anyway I want to feel. I am Ultimate Choice.

I am an extension of source energy experiencing a physical lifetime adventure. I am God Force incarnate in physical form. I am Pure Potential existing in a field of All Possibilities. I am Powerful beyond description.

I am so much more source energy than anything else, that when I indulge in anything that is not lined up with the liquid Love that I know my source to be, I feel the discord as negative emotion. I feel out of balance because I know myself to be so much more…

I am selfish in my pursuit of my connection to my source and my selfish nature is everything that you would want me to be because, when I am selfishly maintaining my connection to my source, which is my good feeling self, I am Loving. I am Helpful, I am carefree, I am wise, I am intelligence, I am funny, I am talented, I am clear minded, I am joyous, I am healthy, I am strong, I am radiant, I am inspiring, I am who I have always known I can be.


I am the Pure Potential of God Force exciting in a physical form expressing myself in any way I choose to be.

I will no longer make anyone else’s decisions about who they choose to be responsible for my disconnection to the joy and the brilliance that I know is me.

 I am not responsible for anyone else’s connection, I am responsible only to my own connection,  but my connection will inspire others to feel more connected.

I am FREE to Be ANYONE I Want to Be

My only Responsibility is to the Way I Feel

I Am Me… 😀


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