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Connect to Your Spiritual Guides

Connect to Your Spiritual Guides

Join us for a special online webinar as we show you how to connect to your spiritual guides and receive spiritual life guidance.  

When:  Thursday morning 1 June 2017 for Sydney people, Wednesday evening 31 May  2017 for USA residents.  

Where: Online on the zoom platform, please download the zoom platform here to join us


We have been receiving many emails a day from people wanting to know how to tune into their own inner-being’s or spiritual guidance. So I am putting on some online webinars to address this and show you how easy this is.

As a teacher, this is what I love to do the most. I receive many emails from people asking me to give them guidance from my mob, Blissful Beings, who are the Light Council who oversea our world. But what they want from you, is for you to tune into them too.

People who are already a member of the Inner Sanctum will be included. If you are not a member, this Special Inner Guidance Webinar will be $55 AUD to join.

Make your payment to secure your place, on the paypal button below.

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Each and EVERY one of you has exalted wisdom available to you. You all have at least one guardian angel, who is a part of your soul who does not incarnate to learn lessons, but is here to help you and guide you as you forget who you are and take this delicious physical ride of remembering. And other guides who reside in higher dimensions of existence. Some of them you have met physically during your life, some of them are you in a higher dimension, time and place. Some are your galactic family, some are your human family. Not to forget that part of you which is seeing all of your lives and every aspect of you in all dimensions, your Higher-Self. All of them have specific roles in your life.

Receiving inner guidance is the same process as receiving anything else you want to manifest. It all starts with a desire, or intention, this activates the reality to take place. The universe, or source, or your guides orchestrate all the details needed to make this happen. Then you must tune up your vibration and clear your thoughts of resistance, to be vibrationally available to receive what you ask for.

This is the three-step process to manifestation and deliberate creation.

  1. Ask
  2. Orchestrate
  3. Receive

We ALL have available to us inner guidance which comes in the form of our emotional guidance system. Our emotions are not in place to torture us, or even to give us thrills. They are a feedback system which clearly and definitively shows you what vibration you are emitting in any given moment in time. And this vibration is clearly showing you what is available for you to experience. For every experience you have, is a vibrational match to your personal frequency level, or dominant vibration.

Are you a vibrational match to knowing you receive higher spiritual and life guidance?

Let’s make this happen.

Let’s make the world a better place by listening to the mob who oversee the wellbeing of all.

Join us in MAY or Join The Inner Sanctum

Make your payment to secure your place, on the paypal button below.