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Channeling Erik Downunder

Channeling Erik Downunder

Erik Medhus I’ve been asked to do a blog with Erik, he hangs out with me sometimes and I love the messages he is putting out on the web through the different mediums he is speaking through. His wisdom is in alignment with my guides (my mob) Blissful Beings.

Hey Erik, how’s it hangin ? What would you like to say through me this evening?  He wants to speak directly to the mediums and people awakening to their intuitive skills and true nature. And he has some things to say about having a physical life vs a non-physical one.

Erik tells me the quality of the message he delivers is because of the medium he is speaking through. Even though he is inspiring them and talking to them in a variety of ways, by showing images, giving them feelings, emotions, knowing, thoughts and different quality of vibrations, the message is still interpreted through the mind of the medium. He tells me he speaks to the medium in a way they can more easily access and understand. …

As you read or listen to the different mediums channeling Erik, you will feel the different quality of his message coming through the differing understandings of the medium. Erik says “Its like ice cream, it’s all the same food, but many different flavours.”  He likes this because he likes to play with the variety of vibrations and understandings the differing mediums provide, and he likes to help them develop their intuitive skills.

He has access to concepts and understandings of who we truly are, which our puny little human minds find hard to wrap our brain around. But as the information is coming through in ways more and more people understand, this broader understanding is becoming easier for the people who find it to remember.

You are blazing the trail, the Channeling Erik family, you are setting a new stage and allowing more people to find acceptance and understandings of who we really are and how we operate in non-physical. As well as greatly improving the quality of life for many who are seeking and asking life’s big questions like; Who are we? Where do we come from and where do we go when we die?

It is so rad! Erik says in his Erik persona…

He loves his Erik persona, because it makes this message of who we truly are, so much more accessible to the ordinary person who is awakening and seeking to remember our true nature with more understanding.

He is really pleased with himself and how many people are finding the YouTube videos . He shows me clouds with a warrior type Arc Angels soaring through the sky with his leather armour on and a big sword. “I’m cutting through the crap”  He says.

I have just seen Braveheart on TV, maybe this is why he gives me this type of image. It was a film I watched many years ago, it triggered a memory as a movie actor in another lifetime. I remember I saw myself navigating a small toilet and trying to sit on it with a big hooped period costume on, and thinking to myself as I sat there, “I love my job as an actor because I get to play so many roles and explore many different characters in one lifetime.” I remember the feeling of appreciation and enjoyment I had thinking about how fulfilled I was with my job as an actor.  I have never been an actor in this lifetime, but did an acting course for a couple of weeks when I was in my twenties.

Erik reminds me. This is how we feel when we re-emerge, (when we die) and return to our whole self again. We see the many lives we lived as if we are actors who have played in many plays or movies. We know from our non physical perspective we are not the characters we played, we are the sum total of the learnings we had as we played out each life.  We very much LOVE the beings and people we have been, and we absolutely KNOW we are Not them, but we cherish and appreciate the many lives we lived, for all of them allow us to be so much more than we were if we didn’t lived them.

Many people think that being an individual aspect of the source, we are already whole and complete as souls, but we are not. We are expanding beings and our physical life  experiences are a huge part of the expansion of our soul, and of course because we are all one, of the expansion of source, or god too.

Erik says the channeling Erik family has really helped him grow as a soul, he says he is so appreciative of your questions and your interest in the blog and YouTube.

We need each other, he says, we are one you see and so what I do for you I do for me. We cannot contribute to others without contributing to ourselves, he reminds us.

“As you grow and learn, I grow and learn.” He says

He is just having the BEST time with it all he tells me.  Keep asking your questions, he says, and keep looking for the answers in strange places, like from the dead dude. Which is his name he gives me, I always refer to him as the dead dude. Even though there really isn’t any death.

Oh Boy, he’s on his high horse now with this subject about how there is no death . He really really wants you to understand the transitory nature of who you think you are, as the person you are living in this lifetime. He says like the Buddhist talk about the impermanence of all things. The life you are living right now is NOT who you really are, it is the play you are writing with your soul and you get to be the lead actor.

 He says, you get to write the script, you get to decide who you want to be. What you are feeling right now is not permanent, in fact your feelings are at your command. You have ultimate power over how you feel and what you think.  Just as the director of the play can change the script at any stage during the running of the play, so you can change your script if you don’t like it, just write a better version. Come up with a better ending to this chapter. You are the writer, you are in control of this, you know; he says.

As humans we try to make everything so permanent, we create endless habits of thought and doings, repeating over and over again some behaviours to make things seem the same.  The human mind resists change, and yet change is at the core of the very nature of our being.

It is so different for me to channel with Erik’s persona as I write this, as I am so used to communing with my Mob, who have a greater command of the english language than me. So you will be reading both Erik and me and my mob speaking in these writings. It is a co-creative process going on here, between different aspects of the source coming together with a common intention to teach, inspire, uplift and heal.

Erik likes to keep things simple, so more people seeking can understand.

I was someone like this when I first started asking questions about life love and the universe. I had so many burning questions inside me. As a child who couldn’t read or write, I was always in remedial learning classes in school. I couldn’t spell to save my life and used to see everything backwards. I was dyslexic. But as I have learnt to trust my inner self more or my higher self more, my writing has become so easy and I have a much greater command of the english language now.

Erik says you too can grow and learn like me and if you are a medium who feels you are not competent at speaking or writing well, he says if you ask he will help you. But he also says he wants you to get familiar with your own higher self, or spiritual mob. Everyone has people helping them in spirit, and as you grow and learn more about who you are and ask more sophisticated questions about how you can help, different guides and spiritual help come to answer your call.

You are magnificent and Loved beyond any words could convey. Thank you for taking the time to read our little co-creative blog. Let us know how we can be of service to you further ..

Big LOVE to all, Erik, KAren and the Mob (Blissful Beings)  xxx

KAren Swain is a spiritual Teacher of Deliberate Creation.

She channels wisdom from her broader perspective and guides Blissful Beings.

This is the same stream of intelligence the Abraham teachings comes forth from.

She also has a radio and podcast show called Accentuate the Positive Media.

For more about KAren, please take a look here

Channeling Erik

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