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There is only one thing in life you can count on… Everything is going to change

We strive for sameness, mainly because we think this will give us some security, but look at children. Nothing depicts the changes in life and the passing of time as much as children. Every time you look at them they are different; They grow taller,  become wiser, more capable, more advanced, create new dreams and expect more fun to come.

Watching Children think grow and change reminds us of the constant change we  all go through. We could be fully satisfied with where we are in life, while at the same time know we are eternally still asking for more, desiring something else, observing things around us, creating personal preferences, creating new adventures and evolving into a new way of being.

When we find that feeling place of appreciation of where we are, who we are and what we are, while  accepting we are a never-finished, we are eternally unfolding and life will always be responding to our thoughts about it. Then we can stand in that delicate balance of being optimistic about what is to come, without being unhappy about the changes it may take to get us there.

It is easy to eagerly anticipate future changes, while at the same time being satisfied with what is, even if what is, is not the optimum experience.

Life is a constant series of  vibrational changes and when we include this wisdom in our future plans, we live in harmony with the ebb and flow of the rhythm of life…

The Change in You, is the Evolution of life

Your Broader Self Blissful Beings

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