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Challenges are your opportunity to choose..

You do not have to master your spirituality you are already a spiritual master. Why you are here in this magnificent physical reality is for you to master your ability to focus in a better feeling way, even when you see or experience situations not wanted.

This is living in a way which finds you offering emotions which are in alignment with your source and your power to have it all.  It’s like; you feel good most of the time and when you do not, you know you can reconnect to your joy with ease.

Your source is a source of PURE POSITIVE ENERGY  and so there is simply no challenge to it when you  reamerge back to non-physical reality. There maintaining good feelings is all you can do. Physical Life can be a continuing challenge, as many people in this contrasting environment are determined to show you every aspect of  despair, and conditions are not always going to be to your liking. There are many people who want you to do what feels good to them, and not what feels good to you.  Maintaining your balance will always be a constant challenge.

Physical Mastery is not about mastering your environment or controlling the behaviour of others, it is about mastering your ability to focus on well-being by listening to your emotional guidance and choosing to think, act and live in a way that feels GOOD, regardless of conditions or what anyone else is doing, being, saying or wanting from you.

You have chosen to play in this contrasting environment because you knew before you came, the benefits challenges have in expanding you and all that is. Challenges cause you to want something more, something else, something different, and so as you want, you create, and as you create you expand and enhance this experience for all.

There is no challenge too big you can not overcome by choosing to change your perspective about it.

Have you noticed many people deliberately create challenges in their lives or deliberately put themselves in danger. They climb mountains, jump out of planes, drive fast cars, jog long distances, swim with sharks, date crazy people, eat too much rich food, take on too many tasks, create competitions. This is because most of you know that challenges have GREAT benefits for you.

Challenges ask you to deliberately focus your mind and flow your energy in a better feeling way in order to feel good,  and your ability to do this with ease is what makes you a Master of life.

Achieving your goals becomes a place of ecstatic joy because you received what you wanted in the face of the challenges. Nothing feels quite as good as to think  you can not have or do something and then to bring yourself into a place of alignment which cause  you to receive, or manifest it. This is the thrill of the ride…

 This is when the journey of life says to  you;   how good can it get?

Enjoying the challenge with you.

Your greater self, Blissful Beings..

Photo by Steve Axentios

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