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Born Knowing

You were born knowing your freedom.

We are all born Knowing we are  worthy, supported, Loved and cared for by life and we have the right to ask and receive whatever we could desire .

We knew when we came forth into this magnificent life that we are free to be do and have anything we can imagine, that we are connected to an infinite source of love, abundance, freedom and support that would allow us to explore, discover, create, express and have fun in this wonderful adventure called physical life.

Have you ever wondered why human babies are born so much more helpless than most animals? Is there a reason for this?

Do animals retain knowing their worthiness to receive and  life will provide for their every need?

Maybe the answer is yes, but we were all born knowing it is our right to live an enchanted life but somewhere along life’s path many of us have lost this knowing.

New born babies or even young children expect to be cared for and don’t seemed to be too concerned with all the things we worried about. You might say it’s because they have no responsibilities, no sense of order or know right from wrong.

But I believe young children hold the key to living an empowered life,  and the younger they are the more enlightened they will be.

Teaching our kids

My little four year old niece said to me one day as we went for a drive to the park. “Your car is very dirty, do you clean it?” Then she proceeded to direct me to our destination, just in case I didn’t know the way.  This coming from a four year old!

What kind of exposure to worry and criticism had she encountered in her short life to be so concerned about the cleanliness of my car and if I would get her to our destination without her instruction?

Why wasn’t she more thrilled about the car journey ? She could  have enjoy the ride, as most little children would do,  stuck her head into the wind and enjoyed the feeling of the wind on her face and looked at all the fascinating things along the way like the cute doggies.

I didn’t expect this from such a small child, but our limiting, concerned and mistrusting habits of thinking are embedded in our subconscious mind at a very early age. Even when we are babies.

It’s interesting to me that most parents think if we do not teach our children how to live right, these magnificent little genius creators will get it all wrong.

Do we, as we teach our children to talk, read, spell and write, also teach them to worry, compete,  defend, fear and  mistrust their own internal genius?

Our education systems have made it more important children receive a A grade in mathematic than retaining their knowing that we are loved, supported and guided from within. Somewhere along the way many of us forgot that life is to be enjoyed and we are supposed to receive every desire we could ever imagine.

Success is knowing we are LOVED.

I think our children come forth to teach us…

Success is knowing we are loved, for when we retain this knowing we will have the courage to venture out into life with our brilliant ideas and boldly paint our creations on the canvas of life. It is natural to feel worthy, to feel confident, it’s the inbuilt program we all come forth with.

Most children don’t fail to learn, walk, talk, and so on. It’s natural for them to succeed in everything they do. So why does it become so much harder to achieve and receive when we get older?

It is because we are reprogrammed as we grow up.  We are taught to doubt our natural internal guidance system. No one ever said to me as a child.. ” listen to the way you feel, because when you feel good, this is an indication that you are on the right track.”

In fact many social attitudes and dogma’s told us not to listen to the way we feel because this will misguide us. We were boldly told by many authorities in our  life, like our teachers the media and our parents, that “feeling good” is irresponsible, or even bad and  some said “it can be the work of the devil.”

We were taught “when you  feel worried, humble, nervous or fearful, you are being good.”  Some siad, “Bow before your superiors, listening to the advice your worried elders; listen to what I say, Not how you feel, because I know better than you.”

No wonder we have been wondering around in the dark looking for a ways to feel good. No wonder there are so many people on some kind of external stimulants looking for ways to get out of it. With these types of thoughts circling inside our minds, it’s not surprising we want to get out of our minds…

A client once told me a story about her anorexic and bulimic younger self. As a young girl she was so worried about her self-worth and the opinions of her family friends and the community, she became completely overwhelmed and  anorexic.  She felt out of control inside the opinions of others and wanted to feel like she was in control of her life and the way she felt. She thought she could remedy this by controlling what she did or din’t eat.

One day, so fed up with her torturous thoughts of worry and self criticism, she decided she was going to heal herself, she said to me….

“I took myself on a trip around Australia where no one knew me. The trip lasted for a year or so, and in the time I was away I completely healed my devastating condition. I forgot all about who I was at home and instead had many wonderful adventures and met wonderful people who saw me as who I wanted to be. I was Happy”

She came home fat and healthy and loving life again. As she relaxed and let go of the image she had of herself when she was around her family and piers, her mind and body healed and she returned to her natural state of knowing she is a beautiful, smart and worthy human being.

I remember when I was a young girl traveling the globe, the feeling of freedom was wonderful when I thought no one knew me. All my insecurities and fears were not known to the strangers overseas, so I could be anyone I wanted to be.

One time as we were traveling through Greece, one of the shop owners at the local market pronounced that I was a famous British rock star. So for a day and a night I went along with his view of me and enjoyed all the attention, and free drinks, that came with my new found fame.

Relax, the prize is in side us..

When we relax we re-centre and remember who we really are. We are capable of amazing things, our true genius bubbles up to the top of our consciousness as we relax and remember we are LOVED.

Connecting to our  true nature  is not something that is difficult, in fact it’s much more difficult to forget our natural state of joy.

It’s easy for us to recapture the knowing we came forth with, all we have to do is relax, PLAY and follow our Bliss.

We can be any role we wish to be, mother, father, brother, daughter, student, employee, boss, professional, anything! But we really only have one true identity, and this is fearless infinite LOVE.

When we relax more worrying less and focus on the perfections of life, and not what needs fixing, we will look through the eyes of our younger connected self and remember our birth right to have it all.

Our ability to learn anything easily and effortlessly is immense and does Not fade as we get older.

The Universe Loves and adores us and through the powerful Law of attraction, brings us whatever we desire when we chill out and feel good.

Freedom, and knowing we can have it all IS our true nature. Let’s play our roles with this in mind.  

We  have the power to change our minds and remember we are so much more then the stories we have told ourselves. When we decide to be brilliant, we will return to our natural state of empowerment, no longer needing to listen to the limited opinions of others.

The only authority in our lives can be our own desires and how we feel about receiving them. When we give ourselves permission to be joyous, we will stop looking for it in our circumstances or from other people.

There is nothing we are supposes to do in this life, only what we want to do. We are the creators, the story teller and the script writers of how we feel and what we are capable of achieving. And we KNEW this when we were born.

ENJOY it all and Look for the cute little doggies along the way.

Love is you, remember to feel it.

KAren Swain

Sydney, NSW, Australia


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