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Being a Guest on ATP

I started ATP Media with the intention to teach and spread the message of Deliberate Creation, how to use our emotional Guidance System and to expand the awareness of our non-physical counterparts and realities. As a teacher and conscious channel of this material, I feel this knowledge is the most important thing we remember as evolving humans, who are helping the shift in consciousness of our world.  I do my show as an extension of the work I do in the world as a spiritual channel and teacher of Deliberate Creation with my guides Blissful Beings.   I speak with Thought Leaders and Difference Makers who are a part of the expansion of the consciousness of our world.

Conditions for being on ATP Radio and YouTube 

If you would like to be a guest on ATP Radio, I really want to know what lights you up!  How your story will impact my audience and WHY you do what you do. This show is for self empowerment, so we mainly focus on how you overcame any trauma or tragedy, to remember your  powers of deliberate creation, your soul plan and how you make a difference in the world.

Please send us your Bio/ Story and a nice picture of you and let us know how you feel you are transforming our world for the better and what you can offer our listeners in the way of gifts, tickets, personal sessions and personal transformation.

We ask that you like and share our Facebook Pages. When your conversation is broadcasting PLEASE share your conversation on ATP Media through your social media network and newsletters. Please share this WEBSITE LINK only to your conversation and not the youtube or other audio links.

 I do this  radio show as my way of spreading more enlightenment and LOVE through media, so I do appreciate you spreading the word about the show and please like our ATP Radio Facebook page and Blissful Beings Reminders from Home Facebook page and share them with your tribe.. The more listeners we have the better the world will become.

All events must have ticket giveaways for our subscribers and we appreciate you gift your services or books as giveaways for our subscriber listeners. 

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