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Be in the Mystery

Be in the Mystery

                  Not in the know!

Eye of God

There is a super colossal intelligence that is completely focus upon listening to your every thought and moving heaven and earth to bring you all that you are wanting.

A vibrational universe of extraordinary inexplicable motion that is orchestrating every particle of life to bring answers to you’re asking. This intelligence communicates to you, and every other part of itself, through feeling the motion of life.

Even when you have been in the dark and you can’t see the light, the light is ever-present and communicating to you through your feelings.

It is so mysterious and so miraculous that one could spend lifetimes trying to figure out HOW this occurs.

Why spend time asking how, when you can spend your precious time on earth enjoying the service. How are you going to figure out how to get what you want?

Forget it! The universe is handling the details.

Your part in this fantastic system is to feel the JOY that is your source and when you do, we give you your every prayer. Spend your time thinking what and why,  not HOW… That’s our job, and we’ve got it all sorted out!

Seeing the Miracle of You.

Your Greater-self Blissful Beings.


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