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Awakening To Our True Nature

Awakening To Our True Nature

Getrude Matshe, from Write a Book in 40 Hours,  asks me questions about my journey with Death and Awakening to my true nature. This is some of my story and the teachings I gained from the many traumas I have lived..

This may just change your life! Deliberate Creation Teachings, as demonstrated through some of my story dealing with loss, death, a crazy landlady and more.. We explore some of the content from my book, Return To Love, how all the people I loved who died, starting with my Mother, came to tell me, they Didn’t Die…

“Death is not an ending, but a transition from one dimension to another. It is only a shedding of a personality and body we played with while we were focused in this 3D level of existence. There are many levels of existences we can play with, but in order to play in them we have to don the particular vibration the level upholds as reality. We are cosmic explorers, surfing the many dimensions of realities and expanding the greater knowing that is our source.”   KAren Swain


 SHARE YOUR STORY with us in our New BOOK Series 

Do you have an inspirational story to share? Share your personal transformational stories in our New Book Series, The Awakening soul Series.. http://karenswain.com/the-awakening-soul-series/

A transformational Book Series for the Awakening Soul.

We invite you to share your transformational life stories with the world in a unique series of books for the Awakening Soul. Sharing our personal stories of transformation, how we overcame our traumas and awakened to our true nature of love, is how we change the world and help humanity evolve awaken and rise.

Each book will cover a specific topic and showcase at least 10 personal stories of people who have overcome and transformed from their challenges and life traumas. Sharing our personal stories changes the world.

The T A S S book series is a collage of stories addressing issues humanity is most grappling with at this time, such as..

Getting over the death of a soulmate or child
Getting over suicide
Overcoming divorce
Overcoming Rape
Discovering your intuitive & psychic abilities
Overcoming cancer
Learning to Trust Life
Near Death Experiences
Learning to Thrive inside of Change

And many more issues we all face on a daily basis which have us asking WHY? Why is this happening to me?

To start the series, we will be focused on the first book in the series, which will be a compilation of transformational stories from people who have evolved and awakened through the death of a loved one or soulmate..



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