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Attraction: The Art of Mood Management.

24 / Feb / 06

Hi everyone we hope you are all are having a wonderful 2006, and if you are not enjoying life, we hope you are managing to make peace with what you have created for yourself so far, and feel confident that you can create a life exactly the way you want it, with lots of wonderful surprises along the way.

We have had a full year already with a location move to a beautiful new home and have been enjoying the summer season in the delicious northern beaches of Sydney Australia. I have been busy with private clients and I am excited about getting together again in larger gatherings soon. The theme that has been running through most of the clients that I have seen this year is their perception that they have no control over their emotional journey. It is a common complaint especially when you are feeling really down. It can be the hardest thing to be asked to find a good feeling thought when all your thoughts seem to be negative, as law of Attraction is bringing more negative thoughts to you. And the easiest path seems to be to think more negatively. But what I would like to remind everyone, WE DO HAVE THE POWER TO THINK DIFFERENTLY and FIND RELIEF from our trauma even in the midst of feeling bad or even suicidal. The next BEST thought may be one of anger or frustration and what we must all remember is.


If you are aware of what you are feeling, this is a very good thing anywhere on the emotional scale. It is all perfect, all of it. Your emotions are your guidance system and they tell you where you are in relation to getting what you are asking for. If the subject makes you mad or frustrates you, then you are not in alignment with success around this subject. One young client I was speaking with this year told me all she wanted was to be happy. So the subject was her own personal emotional journey. She feels that she does not have the ability to find happiness or even some good thoughts. In fact she said, that she does not even have any nice memories of her past. All of her life feels to her like it has been bad even when she was little. And I know this feeling. It was a common thought I had as a disgruntled teenager. But when I look back on my life it was only in those very dark hours that my whole life seemed doomed, but most of the time I was OK even happy. It is in those really bad places that the whole world seems to be a bad place to live and even good feeling memories are hard to access. But even when we feel bad there is always a desire to feel better, and that is the thought I would like all of you to Latch on to. ” I want to feel better”. Because your wanting creates and this is how we are the creators of our world. But many of us get so caught up in the conditions of despair, we forget that we are here to create and feel the thrill of the realisation of our creation.

Why do negative emotions feel so strong and seem to have a hold over me?

This is the way physical life was designed. We have come forth to prosper and thrive, we are here to see our desires fulfilled and to experience the magnificent power we have to create our own reality. When contrast or negative things happen to us, desires are born. Desire to live differently, desires to feel better and to know how to get what we want. And when we ask, the answers are always given. Negative emotion is there to tell us that we are THINKING in a way that is NOT going to get us what we have asked for. And Positive emotion exits not only to be enjoyed but to show us we are on the right path we are allowing energy to flow, and manifestation of our desire is very close.

Negative emotion gets our attention because we wouldn’t want to indulge in thoughts that are not letting the Universe bring answers to our wanting and not know it. We want to know if we are thinking in a way that is not allowing our dreams to come true. So the reason why negative emotion feel so bad is, to get our attention. The Universe is saying to you, “It feels bad because YOU ARE THINKING IN A WAY THAT IS NOT ALLOWING YOUR DREAMS TO COME !”

For most of us this is exactly what we have done. We have indulged in thoughts that do not feel good, like ( I want this, but it will never happen to someone like me, I am no good enough, I cant ‘t get what I want, everyone else can, but not me.”) and then we expect life to answer all our prayers and it doesn’t, we swear and curse at life or the universe or at a vengeful god and say. ” What is it? What do I have to DO to get what I want? Why is this happening to me? Am I a bad person, what have I done that was so bad that you are not listening to me?”…… And so we set forth on a journey trying to please a displeased god, or conform to the rules of society or even get stuck in anger at not being able to get what we want and rebel, resist and risk our own happiness on a rampage of judgment about how terrible it is to be alive. Or seek advise from those we think have authority on the subject or look for new ways of doing things.

“Do I need to be better, brighter, more educated, fitter, change my diet, my work, feed the poor, pray to god more, take a different drug, find another therapist, doctor, boss. Change my husband, job, diet, Guru, country, house, wife, friends”.

And we would say to you, you do not need to change anything but your MIND….

This is happening to every being on the planet, but we are all handling it in different ways. All of us are seeking ways in which to feel better but many of us have listened to what feels good to others and have not made our own emotional guidance our only priority.

We think that there is something or someone outside our self that will fix it or have the answers, when all the while we had our own guidance system within us showing us the way. Are we now prepared to listen and not make any emotion inappropriate?

When we say in the RFH messages, “Loving what is while reaching for more”, we mean being good with what ever is happening now, this means whatever negative, agonising or frustrating emotions you are feeling is OK. Believe me when we tell you, knowing how you feel is the first step in living a extraordinarily empowered life.

Make Peace with it all, it is all part of this magnificent life journey and when you are not living a physical existence and the only emotions available to you all the time feel good, you will once again want to feel the range that is available in this blessed place. Just for the thrill of it.

The universe, through the powerful law of attraction, is and will bring to you all that you can think of. The question is not what do I need to do to get it, or WHY can’t I get it? but What am I thinking and how does this feel, because life is listening to your feeling and bringing a match straight to you. You are so free in this process. You have the power to change your focus at any moment even in the midst of despair you can change your mind, and it is the brave, the adventurous and the strong that create the drastic conditions, they know they have the power to change their focus and improve any situation and challenge themselves to do this. “Can I think of something that feels better when I am experiencing bad things and as I do I know I have change my point of attraction so the Universe will change the result”.

“I am here having this blessed physical life experience, I do not have to control one or anything, I only need to remember how to MANAGE my MOOD.”

Love is you, remember to feel it… KAren Swain/Blissful Beings


Feel better about and find more clarity with so you can be more vibrationally aligned with your desires, Live your dream Click here to book a guidance session with KAren and the BlissfulBeings that speak through her today, or call 0414321432

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