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Well Being Angel

Well Being Angel

We are here to remind you Well Being is the order of the day.

I am Light I am Love this is my reality

No matter what the news shows you, or your neighbour is complaining about, or your friends are worried about, Well Being is the dominant energy in existence.

There are far more well people in the world than sick, happy people than depressed, peaceful people than warring and helpful people than unhelpful.

When you focus on what is wrong with the world, it does not feel good, and your negative emotion is showing you that you have activated a vibration within you which will attract more people, problems and situations which will not feel good.

Think about what you love about yourself, the world and being alive!

We know you want to see everyone living in harmony and peace, so you want to empower this with your POWERFUL focus and your immense energy.

You want to uplift and empower the planet, so it is important to remember to feel good. When you look for the good, this activates a powerful place of nonresistance within you, and where there is no resistance, there is no pain.

The Universe IS Well-Being, and when you tune into it, you feel yourself.

Power is you, Your Blissful Self:  Blissful Beings

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